Refrigerant Reclamation

HVAC Jobsite Recovery | EPA Freon Phaseout Information

Commercial & Residential Mechanical HVAC Contractors Refrigerant Program

Chiller City specializes in the recovery and reclamation of R-22 (HCFC-22) refrigerant, however, we also buy back other commercially used refrigerants that are utilized in cold storage, chillers and processing facilities. Chiller City's Refrigerant Reclamation / Recycling Program pays you, the contractor for your used R-22. Once you have a full refrigerant recovery cylinder of used refrigerant schedule your pick up. Upon arrival (receipt) Chiller City gives the recovery cylinder a unique inventory number for tracking and reporting purposes and supply's you with an empty freon recovery cylinder exchange if needed. The refrigerant is then independently weighed, tested. Once tested you will be paid for your refrigerant and the required EPA record keeping documentation will be completed and made available via our secure online platform.

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Green Planet | Blue Skies

We believe that saving our planet should go hand-in-hand with saving money and making your business more efficient. This payback should be measured in months, not years. To that end, Chiller City Corporation launched the second division within our company to become an EPA Certified Refrigerant Reclaimer. This addresses specific issues to help ensure a greener environment by reprocessing HCFC gases while providing a payback to HVAC Contractor and/or business owners of refrigeration equipment.

Chiller City Refrigerant Tracking System

Chiller City using unique vendor numbers and cylinder for tracking each customer refrigerants received to Reclamation or Destruction thus allowing for record keeping documentation of your used refrigerant(s) & how they were handled in compliance with EPA guidelines

As a vendor/customer of Chiller City's Refrigerant Reclamation Program, you will have access (a login) to our advanced mobile online refrigeration tracking system. This tracking system allows our vendors to see and print multiple reports (logs) for refrigerants being processed for reclamation.

Chiller City Refrigerant Tracking

EPA Certified Reclamation Facility

Let us Help Insure Your Chiller Removal and refrigerant recovery at your jobsite or facility is EPA Compliant, Chiller City can simplify the removal process of your old or no longer utilized process chiller by providing the following services:

EPA Tools for New Era Refrigerant Recycling

Freon Gas | Refrigerant Services

  • Recovery Cylinders for your HVAC Contractor
  • EPA Certified Technicians for jobsite Refrigerant Recovery
  • Purity Testing of Refrigerants
  • Payment for Refrigerants (freon)
  • Chiller Prep for Removal
  • Chiller Removal (rigging)
  • Removal Transportation